Read this before you join KiwiKlub Swingers!

KiwiKlub is a REAL South African swingers club, with lots of members just like you.
We are all here to have fun & explore the swingers scene.

Please take a moment to read through these FAQ items BEFORE you join. Too many member complaints & you will be blessed by our size 11 boot!

What is KiwiKlub?

KiwiKlub is a South African based swingers club, with a huge online community & on-premises swinger parties at our own swingers clubs in Johannesburg & Durban.

Is the website secure?

Yes! Our website is fully firewalled & secured. Any data transmitted between you & our website is also encrypted using SSL & HTTPS.

(You can confirm this by looking for the padlock in the URL bar, which signifies that the webpage is secure.)

What makes us different?

  • We are a South African based swinger community, not a dating website.

  • We host REAL swinger club parties in Johannesburg & Durban.

  • Most of our members are VERIFIED, meaning we have met them IN PERSON at one of our swinger parties.

Who should join?

You should join IF you:
  • want to explore your sexual fantasies

  • want to belong to an open-minded adult community

  • are not offended by nudity & content of a sexual nature

  • are interested in swinging & open lifestyles

  • want to attendĀ REALĀ swinger parties in South Africa

  • understand that swinging is NOT the same as dating

Who should not join?

Do not join IF you :
  • think this is just about a quick score

  • think this is an escort service

  • expect to be guaranteed sex

  • think our members are here solely for your entertainment

  • cannot treat the other members with respect

  • are under 21

  • cannot read!

How do you get started?

To get started, you need to create your online profile.

Once you have a profile, you can login to explore the website, message other members & book for our swinger parties.

Is KiwiKlub free?

KiwiKlub is free to join, but the free membership option has some limitations:
  • Can only send 15 private messages per day.

  • Limited to a maximum of 15 friends

  • Cannot view KiwiKlub swinger party pictures.

  • Cannot get verified

  • Cannot attend KiwiKlub swinger parties.

Free membership does not expire and can be upgraded to VIP membership at any time.

VIP membership

VIP is our paid membership option, which removes all of the restrictions linked to free membership.
  • VIP lasts for a limit amount of time (e.g 3 months).

  • On VIP expiry, membership will revert to Free member status.

  • VIP has NO recurring charges.

ONLY VIP members can attend our swinger club parties.

What is a Swinger party?

Generally, a swinger party is the same as any other party. Lots of different people coming together to have fun, except the fun is usually of the naughty kind.

There could be nudity, sexual activity, flirting, special play areas, exhibitionism & dancing, depending on the venue.

Participation is entirely voluntary.
No-one is ever forced to do anything they are not comfortable with.

Can I attend a party?

KiwiKlub swinger parties are open to all members of KiwiKlub.

Any member (Free or VIP) can use the website to "Request to Attend". If your request is approved, you will be notified & added to the attendance list.

Note that if you are a free member, 1-month VIP charge will be added to the party entrance, which can be paid at the door.

We try to ensure our parties are well balanced, with target ratio's of 55% male to 45% female. For this reason, we reserve the right to decline any attendance request.

(you will significantly improve your chances of being accepted IF you complete your profile, engage online and become a verified VIP member)

What does a party cost?

The cost to attend a KiwiKlub swinger party is as follows:
  • Couples: R 280-00
  • Single gents: R 280-00
  • Single ladies: FREE

* Excludes cost of VIP membership & cash bar.

Your right to privacy

As far as possible, we conform to GDPR & POPIA requirement, and fully respect your right to privacy.
  1. The only personal information we require is an email address, which is used for notifications, correspondence, newsletters & password resets.

  2. We don't want your real name, cell number or know where you work.

  3. If you choose to give someone your personal details, then that is on you!

  4. At any time, you can opt to download all your personal information.

  5. We do take photos at our events. If you choose to be in these pictures, personal identifying features will automatically be removed unless you request otherwise.

Can I delete my profile?

You can suspend or delete your profile at any time.

Suspended profiles are invisible to other members, but still physically exist & can still be restored.

Deleted profiles are, well, permanently deleted. You no longer exist on our system. When deleted, all information created by you is also deleted (right to be forgotten).

Restoring a profile

If you have previously suspended your profile, you can request that we restore it for you.

If you previously suspended your profile and wish to restore it, please contact us using the button below.

Note that deleted profiles CANNOT be restored.

Why was I suspended?

We may unilaterally suspend your profile if:
  • It is not properly completed (e.g no description is provided)

  • You clearly don't understand what swinging is.

  • You are not a swinger (e.g under 21, soliciting business).

  • You are regularly sharing personal contact details and/or encouraging other members to do the same.

  • You are spamming other members.

  • We get members complaining about you.

If you feel that your profile was unfairly suspended by us, please contact us using the button below.