KiwiKlub Swinger Parties

A KiwiKlub swinger party is just a party, the same as any other party.
Lots of people coming together to have fun....the difference being that its fun of the naughty kind..

And because everyone knows what type of party it is, there is less awkwardness, confusion or pretense.
So expect some flirting, nudity, voyeurism, exhibitionism & sexual activity, as well as the normal social activities.

Below are some of the common questions we get asked about our events.

What happens at a party?

A KiwiKlub swingers party is an adults-only swingers party.
  • Nothing is expected, you don't have to do anything if you don't want to.

  • Remember, everyone is there to have fun.

  • Respect the other members. No means no at ALL times.

  • There is plenty of seating room available, so you can socialise with other members or just watch the action.

  • If someone approaches you, don't automatically assume they want to play with you. If they do, they will ask. Most times, they just want to get to know you.

  • Don't be afraid to say no!
    No-one will be offended & it avoids confusion.

  • Never "take one for the team", you will regret it later.

  • There is a cash bar available, so if needed you can order drinks to calm the nerves. (Tequila does wonders!)

  • Swinger parties are a safe place to explore your fantasies. You can do pretty much anything, as long as you obey the club & party rules.

  • There is quite a bit of sex & nudity, body shots get done on the bar counter & people may get it on right in front of you.

Our clubs have special play facilities available, which you can use if you wish, such:
  • Private rooms

  • Voyeur rooms, where you can watch other people

  • Jacuzzi & Steamroom

  • Dungeon etc

Existing VIP members have access to our party gallery, so they get to see more of what happens at a party, as well as the type of people that attend our events.

Do I have to participate?

Participation is entirely voluntary. No-one is ever forced to do something they are not comfortable with.

And yes, just watching is okay. In fact, if its your first time, its something we would recommend!

Members attend our events for all kinds of different reasons & what you do at a party is entirely up to you.

Never do anything you might regret later. There are no expectations & no-one is there to judge you.

How can I attend a party?

KiwiKlub swinger parties are open to all members of KiwiKlub. You don't need a special invite to book for a party.

Any member (Free or VIP) can use the website to book for a party by clicking on the event "Request to Attend" button. If your request is approved, you will be notified & added to the attendance list.
verified member

We do restrict the number of single gents that can attend a party (a cockfest isn't fun for anyone).

You can significantly increase your chances of being accepted by being:
  • Active on the site

  • Verified

  • VIP member

  • Completing your profile

What is verification?

Verification means that we have actually met you, in person. 

Many members will only interact with verified members, as they know that you are who you say you are.

How do I get verified?

To get verified, you need to attend a KiwiKlub swinger party and do the club tour. This is normally done in the first hour of the party.

Your verification tick will show on your profile within a few days of attending a KiwiKlub party.
verified member

If you absolutely cannot attend a party, you can request alternate verification using the button below.

Where are parties held?

Kiwiklub swinger parties are currently held in Gauteng & KZN. Please check our Club pages for directions to the venues.

When are parties held?

KiwiKlub parties are normally help on selected Friday and Saturday nights.
Please see the event calendar for times & details:
  • Friday nights: Johannesburg

  • Saturday nights: Durban

How many people attend ?

Every party is different, but generally the number of attendees is between 50 - 80 attendees.

We do try to ensure our parties are well balanced, with target ratio's of 55% male to 45% female. For this reason, we reserve the right to decline any attendance request.

What type of people attend?

KiwiKlub members come from all walks of life, but they are all at the party for the same have fun.

Bi-sexuality amongst female attendees is common, much less so amongst the gents. We do also limit the number of single gents who can attend, so you will find its mostly couples at the events.

We are 100% multiracial, so expect to meet people from all spectrums of our rainbow nation.

What does a party cost?

The cost to attend a KiwiKlub swinger party is:
  • Couples: R 280-00
  • Single gents: R 280-00
  • Single ladies: FREE

* Excludes cost of VIP membership & cash bar.

What is the dress-code?

General dress code is smart-sexy.....and there is no such thing as under-dressed! You can also dress to the theme for themed events.

Plakkies, shorts and tracksuit pants are NOT sexy!